Can we get your help handing out VOB Flyers on election day? 

Voices of Bennelong will be showing up on election day alongside political parties, interest groups, unions and any other advocacy groups.

(We’re just not endorsing a candidate, see the elephants below)

Your smile could make someone reconsider who gets their vote. How amazing would that be?

Focussing on four key areas, our flyers and corflutes compare each candidate’s commitment in a clear, easy to digest format, fact checked and traced to published policy statements.

We’re encouraging voters to think about the issues affecting us all when placing their vote and we’ll be dispelling myths like how preferences work, wasted votes, and the importance of not donkey voting along the way. (You can see our work in progress flyers below. )

It may not seem like a big deal.

They’re just flyers. And corflutes. And social media posts. And getting people involved in democratic process without being party affiliated.

But no one else is delivering a clean cut and Bennelong-focussed how to vote guide like we are on election day.

This election isn’t a two horse race. We want our electorate to be a seven horse race. Because with preferential voting, there are always options.

If you’ve ever volunteered for a candidate, you know that mobilising a group of volunteers, manning booths, getting corflutes up, handing out how-to-vote flyers to voters from pre poll through to election day AND encouraging voters to consider where their votes go without telling them how to vote (and yes people will still be deciding on the day) is a mammoth undertaking that can have a lasting impact on the outcome.

Essentially, the more volunteers we get on election day, the more booths we can have presence at to encourage votes based on climate action, Federal ICAC, Aged Care, Childcare and NDIS policy.

We need you.

Can we get your help handing out VOB Flyers on election day? 

(There’ll be training and snacks too, promise!)


Let’s talk about the elephant(s) in the room.


This federal election, Voices of Bennelong will NOT be endorsing a single candidate. Instead, we’re encouraging good, clean democracy with lots of critical thinking and fact checking. Revolutionary and neutral, right?

As a neutral political/ democratic advocacy group who just want better active representation from our MPs, we come from across the political spectrum.


Despite our tealish colour, our presence on election day is being funded solely by members of our group, while big parties are calling Voices Of movements to declare where their donations come… and never reveal their donor lists themselves.

Actually… all this transparency is starting to sounds like the framework for integrity and accountability like a federal ICAC… 🤔

Have questions, ideas, suggestions, topics for future Town Hall events?

We would love to hear from you. Just email them to or drop them into the chat on the night. Participatory democracy is what this movement is all about!

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